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General Patent Helps Patent Owners That Face Patent Infringement

GPC’s Patent Enforcement Efforts Secure Settlements for Patent Owners

We Enforce U.S. Patents
Owned by Non-U.S. Residents

If you own a U.S. Patent, and you believe your patent is being infringed, General Patent Corporation (GPC) may be able to help you enforce your patent, no matter where you live or where your business is located, and do so at no cost to you.

General Patent is the premier patent enforcement firm in the U.S., and we've been enforcing patents for patent owners longer than anyone else. We represent owners of U.S. Patents on a contingency basis. That means that we are only paid for our services if we are successful in securing compensation for you for the use of your patent. You pay us nothing up-front! Engaging GPC to enforce your U.S. Patent is risk-free for the patent owner. We assume all risks and underwrite all legal fees and expenses related to your case.  If we are successful in securing compensation, we are paid from the proceeds of any compensation we realise on your behalf.

GPC is not a law firm. If we undertake your case, we will engage a law firm to litigate your patent infringement claim in U.S. courts. Our in-house legal staff will oversee, manage and coordinate the work of the patent litigation counsel, and we cover all expenses related to filing and prosecuting the lawsuit. We take the lead in negotiating licences and settlements, and we provide other services that help insure a positive outcome for you, the patent owner. And we keep you informed whilst your claim progresses.

We do whatever is necessary to aggressively enforce your patent and optimise the compensation you receive for the infringement of your patent!

First, however, we need to analyse your patent and your allegations of infringement before we can determine if we can assist you. Since we make a significant investment in every patent enforcement claim, we need to be reasonably sure that your patent infringement claim has merit:

  • You have a valid claim under U.S. Patent law.

  • It is financially feasible to prosecute your claim.

  • There is a reasonably good chance of winning the lawsuit at trial, negotiating a licence or securing a favourable settlement.

In the U.S. civil law system, there are several possible outcomes to a patent infringement lawsuit. The jury could award you damages for the use of your patent, or the case could be settled out of court with the infringer agreeing to license your patent and pay you a royalty for its use. An out-of-court settlement could include a lump sum payment for both past and future use of your patent. If there are multiple infringers of your patent, we will file multiple lawsuits on your behalf against all of them.

Next Step: You need to complete a U.S. Patent Infringement Information Form. It will provide us with the information we need to analyse your claim of patent infringement so we can determine if we can represent you. Be sure to provide your e-mail address as that is the easiest way for our staff to communicate with you.

If we determine that you do not have a viable patent infringement claim and that we cannot manage and finance a patent enforcement campaign on your behalf, we may be able to help you monetize your U.S. Patent by selling or licensing it on a non-assertive basis through our patent broker business unit.